Senior Company

  • 2014: The Many Selves of Mia Scott

    THE MANY SELVES OF MIA SCOTT is a teen comedy set at highly competitive Charles Darwin High. It's the story of Mia, a vivacious science-geek, who has her heart set on taking the top prize in the National Biology Bowl in Washington D.C. But when she learns that the most popular boy in school wants to take her to the Spring Formal on the same day as the Bowl, she devises a bold and dangerous experiment: split herself in two. It's the perfect solution, and a sure-fire win at the Biology Bowl, until Mia goes too far, continuing to split herself into more and more halves with their own minds and agendas. Yet soon her other selves gang-up for validation by inserting themselves and disrupting all of Mia's plans. Will she be able to put herself back together in time to win the Bowl and make it to the formal, or will she be reduced to pieces and disappear forever?

    A world premiere musical workshop with book, music and lyrics by Brett Ryback
    Additional material by Aaron Albert, David Gomez, Jen D. Littlefield, John-Michael Lyles, Kailey Marshall, Jamen Nanthakumar, and Katy Rea

    Directed by Jacob Harvey and Ryan Scott Oliver
    Music Directed by Cindy Abbott

    7:30PM (7/24/2014) PREVIEW NIGHT
    3:30PM (7/25/2014) PREVIEW MATINEE
    7:30PM (7/25/2014) OPENING NIGHT
    3:30PM (7/26/2014) MATINEE SHOW
    7:30PM (7/26/2014) EVENING SHOW
    3:30PM (7/27/2014) CLOSING MATINEE

  • 2013: The Tavern Keeper’s Daughter

  • 2012: Placebo

  • 2011: Jasper In Deadland

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